A promotion meeting on tourism in Jiangxi and on cooperation between Jilin and Jiangxi provinces in tourism was held in Changchun, capital city of northeast China's Jilin province, on Dec. 19.

China (Changchun) International Automobile Expo
China (Changchun) International Automobile Expo is a famous automobile show in China as well as an A-class automobile show in Northeast Asia.
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Jilin has a great number of full-service travel agencies that offer amazing deals for your dream vacation in the province.
Here you will find what to buy and where to buy in Jilin Province, a shopping paradise.
We guides you through the most famous local dishes and where to sample the authentic Hunan food.
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Check out the most beautiful and fascinating locations in Jilin Province.
A great number of hotels from deluxe to economical in Jilin offer plenty of choices for visitors with various requirements.
Check out our recommendations for the best attractions to visit and activities to enjoy in Jilin Province.
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